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Wizards Cutting Light
The Sohn Wizard Light is an auto-registering laminating and laser cutting machine. Designed to take preprinted roll material, laminate the material, then laser die cut in register with the printed material.

Model 7013 Specifications and Options

The Wizard Light Model 7013 operates with 70 watt focus laser beam that is directed to cut, kiss cut, perforate, score and etch pattern into material as specified in a customer’s vector file.

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Model 7013 Specifications and Options

The Gatling Gatling

The Gatling Rapid Cutter is designed to rotary die cut non-metal sheet or web material.  It is available in three models...the Model 120 cuts non-metal materials up to .012”.

Model 320 is capable of cutting up to .032”...the Model 620 can cut up to .060 thickness materials.

See the Gatling in action on YouTube... You Tube Link
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